resolv.conf Options

I have found the following two resolv.conf options to be extremely usefulAIX logo when standing up AIX systems that are tethered to a Microsoft DNS solution:

options timeout:1
options attempts:1 

The timeout option sets the initial timeout for a query to a nameserver. By default this is 5 seconds in AIX 6.1.

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Eclipse Android Icon

 I am starting to delve into Andoid application development.  As such, I  needed an appropriate application launcher icon to represent my Android-oriented Eclipse IDE environment.  I took a stock android logo and the eclipse icon.xpm from my base IDE directory and stirred them together with GIMP.  It still needs some clean-up work, but here is what I came up with.

Eclipse-Android Icon

This is a 48x48 Linux .xpm icon resource.

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This is a test posting

Testing the use of the Scribefire Firefox extension for blogging.

google logo image






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Android Apps


There are some cool new apps now available in the Android marketplace:


Angry Birds Seasons - holiday edition of Angry Birds.  A Christmas advent-style calendar set of levels plus the halloween edition

Google Reader - a native Google Reader Android application...finally.

Winamp - famed media player with wifi sync

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Replacing 1TB Linux RAID mirror with 2TB drives...Live

Well, I have run out of storage for backups and shared media on my home-grown Linux NAS server.  My existing 1TB mirror is full.  Now that 3 TB drives have started to trickle out, the 2 TB capacity devices are dropping in price.  I picked up a couple of  Samsung HD204UI drives 2TB drives for $80 each over at New Egg.  These are the 5400 RPM drives, but that is adequate for a backup/media sharing logical volume.  Be kind, my NAS server is an old Dell 600SC with a 4-port SATA card in a PCI bus slot.

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Live Partition Mobility

We are tuning and testing the performance of a new policy administration system and SOA platform.  In order to provide some baseline details, we have used IBM PowerVM live partition mobility to reorganize the virtual LPAR topology without having to interrupt or introduce idle time to the effort by stopping and restarting complex application environments.

Fun stuff, and it is never boring to watch a partition migrate between our IBM Power 770 systems.  It is nice to see an implementation coalesce and work as advertised.

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Halo Reach

Halo Reach went on sale yesterday, 9/14/2010.

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Android Watch - Tuesday (Got It!)

I just checked for updates and Froyo is ready for me to download.  Upgrade started!

update: Android 2.2 installed in about 5 - 10 minutes on my EVO.  No issues.  I would say that it does feel a little faster in areas.  I like the updated input controls.  

ok, now that that has been accomplished, on to the next "thing"...

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Android Watch Begins Again

I am starting to check for froyo again. People have started to receive their notifications. Unfortunately, my EVO has not been contacted. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting the impending arrival of Santa.
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Android Froyo Watch - Postponed

Well, it looks like the weekend release possibility was a mistake, and it has been pulled.   It appears that the actual release date is Tuesday, August 3rd.

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