Completed BioShock 2

I have finally completed BioShock 2.  I really enjoyed this game and returning to the city of Rapture.  Being a sequel, some of the surprise and BioShock 2serendipity had worn off.  However, I really bit into the story. 

My most unnerving moments would come each time I rescued a Little Sister.  The high-pitched screech warning me of the impending arrival of a Big Sister would throw me into a panic.  I experienced the good ending.  I believe that my choices in the game made for a fairly smooth and non-so-difficult path to completion. I am looking forward to trying BioShock 2 again with a bit of an evil streak.

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Excessive Use of the Double Negative

I just registered for an IBM event this afternoon.  Upon completing the reservation form I was presented with the following set of questions, double negative style:

Form Questions

I only want to keep the SPAM coming, so hopefully I selected the right answer.

Windows Media Center Extenders Fail After Patch Tuesday

Well, if you are a Microsoft Windows Media Center user like I am, you may haveWMC experienced some discomfort after patch tuesday this week (2/23/2010).  The latest set of Microsoft's fixes has introduced an issue where Windows Media Center Extenders are no longer able to connect to the central Windows Media Center server. 

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Cleaning an infected Windows 7 PC

After work this evening, a family friend has presented me with a challenge. The challenge, that I have chosen to accept, is to clean and disinfect a brand new Toshiba Satellite L45 with Windows 7 operating system.  Once again, I continue to be floored at the rampant use of administrator rights and only relying upon UAC for protection within Windows. Anyway, here is how I tackled it.  Since the symptoms are recurring after a restart, it is either a bootsector issue or part of the Windows startup sequence.  
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Canon MP560 Printer

 My wife and I were trying to print wedding invitations this afternoon, and discovered that our 1.5 year old HP DJ4160 had decided to stop feeding paper properly.  It is most likely a worn roller.  Anyway, we went out and bought a new printer.  After scanning the selection, we noticed that it is actually difficult to find a home printer without a scanner built in at the big box electronic stores.  

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Issue with Accessing Remote X11 via SSH (solved)

 I was recently having trouble using my openSUSE 11.2 workstation to access X applications on a remote host.  When I would ssh to the remote system, I was using the following command:

$ ssh -XC

Each time, I was presented with the following error upon login:

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American Idol Season 9

 I really am enjoying the first week of American Idol season 9.  I think that I caught the hookAmerican Idol Logo in General Larry Platt's song - "Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, look'in like a fool with your pants on the ground..." 



a Corporate Law

 ...another corporate law:


"Recognition Travels Up, Blame Travels Down"

            -- Dilbert's Boss (Scott Adams)

Stephanie and Josh's Wedding Website

 For those that are looking for it, here is the URL to Stephanie and Josh's wedding website:

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openSUSE 11.1 to 11.2 Workstation Upgrade

 I took the plunge this morning and decided to update my openSUSE 11.1 workstation (VM) to 11.2.  I only ran into a couple of small glitches that I have noticed so far:

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