Making Gnome Usable: Enable Gnome Desktop Icons

If you would like to enable desktop icons within the gnome desktop manager, use the dconf-editor tool for this. org>gnome>desktop>background show-desktop-icons You can also use the "Tweak Tool" as well. Tweaks>Desktop>Icons on Desktop
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A terrific treatise on Linux load averages

Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery is a terrific article on Linux load averages from Brendan Gregg. Well worth the time. I learned a lot.

Please be patient. This was tweeted out recently, and his site is throttling requests. I wonder what his web server's loadavg is?

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Ubuntu to switch back to GNOME and will use Wayland

In a blog post from Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical will stop work on Unity 8 and the desktop server Mir. In Ubuntu 18.04, GNOME and Wayland will be the desktop display technologies. This effectively cancels their work on phones, tablets, and convergence.

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Wisdom of Yoda

Wisdom of Yoda...

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Slow login on Ubuntu 14.04 with NFSv4 automounts

I have recently decided to move from Microsoft ActiveDirectory (AD) to using OpenLDAP on my home network. My AD configuration included the use of kerberos. There is one more piece to my guestOS setup, I also automount user home directories via NFS. After making this transition, I noticed that several of my Ubuntu guest VMs were slow to log in. My once speedy login was now taking 18 or more seconds.

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Raspberry Pi and Edimax WiFi Issue - sleeps during periods of inactivity

I have been having difficulty with the Edimax EW-7811Un wifi dongle on my Raspberry Pi model B on the Raspbian OS. It uses the rtl8192cu driver. After periods of inactivity, the wifi would stop. This is very frustrating since I use this Pi as a headless server and rely on SSH via wifi to access it. I have been trying to figure out the proper way to deal with this, and a Google search has saved the day.

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Linux glibc vulnerabiltiy - GHOST

Security company, Qualys, has discovered a Linux glibc vulnerability that they have named "GHOST" (because it is a gethostbyname vulnerability) with a cute logo included as well.

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Enable 3D Acceleration in VMware Workstation 9.0 on Ubuntu 12.04

The following .vmx setting works for enabling 3D acceleration in VMware Workstation 9.0.3 running on Ubuntu 12.04.3 Linux. This configuration is deployed on a HP Pavilion dv7 laptop with Intel 3000 integrated graphics. Add the following name-value pair to the .vmx file for each VMware virtual guest requiring 3D acceleration. = TRUE
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Brightness keys do not work on HP Pavilion dv7 laptop with Ubuntu 12.04

After installing Ubuntu 13.04 as the main OS on my HP Pavilion dv7 laptop, I noticed that I could not change the screen brightness using the f2 and f3 brightness keys.

I found an article on ask ubuntu that solved the issue for me.

Here is a summary of the steps:

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Add exFat file system to Ubuntu Linux

Recently, I received a Sandisk Connect Wireless media drive for my birthday. It is a nifty little device and I was ready to load up some content to give it a spin. I connected it to my Ubuntu 12.04 laptop via its micro USB port. Upon connecting it, I received the error message that the OS was unable to mount the file system - Error mounting: mount: Unknown file system type 'exfat'.

Fortunately, there exists a PPA to solve this problem:

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