Advent of Code

Check out Advent of Code when you have a chance. A fun site to challenge devs during the holiday season.

I got a Red Ryder Carbine

First Ralphie, now me. I now own an official Red Ryder Carbine BB gun. I promise not to shoot my eye out.
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Making Gnome Usable: Enable Gnome Desktop Icons

If you would like to enable desktop icons within the gnome desktop manager, use the dconf-editor tool for this. org>gnome>desktop>background show-desktop-icons You can also use the "Tweak Tool" as well. Tweaks>Desktop>Icons on Desktop
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Siphoning the Punching Bag

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AWS Per-Second Billing for EC2 and EBS available in October

Amazon AWS has announced per-second billing for EC2 instances and EBS volumes starting October 2, 2017. There are still hourly charges related to dedicated instances, snapshots, and AWS marketplace images.

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A terrific treatise on Linux load averages

Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery is a terrific article on Linux load averages from Brendan Gregg. Well worth the time. I learned a lot.

Please be patient. This was tweeted out recently, and his site is throttling requests. I wonder what his web server's loadavg is?

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High-Tech Websites Using Drupal

Here is an interesting blog post of high-tech websites that use Drupal.Drupal
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GE LED BR-30 bulbs - Avoid

After my third failed GE BR-30 LED bulb, I thought that I would post of my experience. Within 12 to 18 months of purchase, I have had 3 of these bulbs fail in the exact same way with random dimming and flickering. My advise, avoid these bulbs.

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Ubuntu to switch back to GNOME and will use Wayland

In a blog post from Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical will stop work on Unity 8 and the desktop server Mir. In Ubuntu 18.04, GNOME and Wayland will be the desktop display technologies. This effectively cancels their work on phones, tablets, and convergence.

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Passed AWS Certified Developer - Associate

Just passed the Amazon AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam. That successfully completes all 3 of the AWS associate level exams. Now to start working on the professional certification.

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